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3 days ago
Stop the bombardment! Why conversations with customers are so important for companies
We are facing a paradigm shift in marketing. In the face of declining advertising impact and perception, even more advertising cannot be the answer – regardless of how personalized it is.
3 days ago
Pippa Scaife (CNN) on Carrying the Legacy Forward – How Traditional Publishers are Evolving
In our Podcast Pippa Scaife reveals insights from CNN and Great Big Story.
How successful B2B eCommerce works
Today’s decision-makers in B2B purchasing processes discover, compare and make purchases online. This makes an online shop almost a must-have for B2B companies. We have compiled three examples from the B2B environment that show where the journey in B2B commerce is headed.
Why e-mail marketing has become far more than just e-mail marketing
Like advertising banners, e-mail marketing comes from the original generation of digital marketing and it retains high status. With profound technology and a lot of expert knowledge, the e-mail makes your marketing mix better than ever.
Between likes and hashtags: What really matters when choosing the right influencer
With growing complexity and a rising enthusiasm of many brands for the topic influencer marketing, it makes sense for marketing experts from companies to take a closer look at what really matters for successful influencer cooperations.
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